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Door-to-door shipments to the Dominican Republic


Luciano Shipping specializes in the shipment of door-to-door packages from the United States to the Dominican Republic, offering clients the opportunity to ship these packages directly to their destination and in record time to the Dominican Republic. With over 20 years of experience in the shipment of international packages, Luciano Shipping is a pioneer company in the shipment of consolidated cargo and vehicles.

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We have offices in:

With your comfort in mind, we have offices available in New York, Miami and the Dominican Republic, where you can pick up your packages personally or get them delivered to your residence by our staff.

New York

Dominican Republic


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We are a leading company with over 20 years of experience in the shipment of cargo from the United States to the Dominican Republic. We have highly qualified staff for the proper handling of your packages.

No Intermediaries


Luciano Shipping has complete control of the shipment process. We do not depend on third parties for any of the required steps in the process of exporting or importing air or sea freight.

We offer loose cargo and complete containers. We are certified by the F.M.C. (Federal Maritime Commission) and comply with all laws and agreements for international cargo.

Guaranteed Delivery


We guarantee that your shipments will arrive at their destination satisfactorily within a span of 10 to 15 days. Our staff in the Dominican Republic will ensure timely delivery.

Federal Maritime Comission

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Door-to-door shipments

Shipping to the Dominican Republic

Luciano Shipping - Shipping from the USA to the Dominican Republic


At Luciano Shipping, you will experience the service of highly qualified staff with over 20 years of experience handling international cargo, who can help resolve any questions, issues or estimates regarding your purchase or shipment.

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